Cheesecake Recipe Chocolate, chocolate sandwich cookies, cream cheese and chocolate chips. Sound good? I thought so. This Cookies and Cream Cheesecake recipe is a chocolate lovers dream. Bite through the chewy layer of semi-sweet chocolate chips on top then sink your teeth down through the cream cheese with a few more chocolate chips mixed in then finish your taste buds off with rich, soft chocolate cookies. As I think of it you could even blend in some vanilla bean extract to the cream cheese to bring together the two classic favorite flavors of vanilla and chocolate.

I love Cheesecake Recipe don’t you? This treat all came about because I told my wife I wanted a springfoam pan for my birthday so I could make us a bigger variety of these yummy desserts. So sure enough she surprised me with the pan and I figured the first one I make should be for her. She is a chocolate aficionado so with the vast variety of cheesecake recipes to choose from I decided upon cookies and cream, but with a twist. I think any treat covered in mini chocolate chips looks absolutely appetizing, whether chocolate covered pretzels and apples, ice cream or cakes. So I followed suit and layered the top of the cake with mini chocolate chips.

I gathered the ingredients, doubled the recipe and we made it together. I love being in the kitchen with my wife making things together. For me it’s one of the best ways to spend quality time with each other. So after mixing and blending, creating the chocolate cookie crust from scratch and chilling the cheesecake, voila, we had a devine treat all to ourselves. I love the springfoam pan, it makes such great cheesecakes, much bigger and thicker rather than the traditional small, glass pie dish. You should see this thing it looks as good to your eyes as it does to your stomach. I decided to take my edible art project one step further. I took pictures of each step and created a cheesecake pictorial recipe so others could learn how to make it more easily. Organized, well written recipes are good, but most people are visual learners so this pictorial guide is more fun to use.

After admiring the chocolate masterpiece I figured I’d suprise some friends and co-workers and let them sink their teeth into a slice, that’s of course after my wife and I did. Next time I will make a fruit flavored cheesecake recipe and this time I will bake it. I look forward to it. Check back to see how it comes out.