If you ever visit a Hamburger Recipes and excitedly order a burger, and after biting it you find that it is mushy, what would be your first reaction? I’m sure you will be thinking you have wasted all your dollars on a soggy hamburger. Similarly, if you are planning to open a burger joint in Melbourne, do keep in mind that none of your customer, especially the “burger lovers” would love to bite a soft bun.

Now, the main question that’s going to arise in your mind is, how can people expect their burger to be juicy but the hamburger buns Melbourne to stay dry? Well, that’s a really good and vital question. It is obvious that people will want their flavoursome burger to stay juicy, yet the bun crisp and dry. And believe me, keeping your bun crisp and dry yet the patty juicy is not a tough task; it’s just tricky. Wondering how will you do so? Don’t worry; below are some essential points that you need to follow in order to keep your hamburger juicy and the bun dry, and crisp.

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Pick the right buns/rolls

If you want your food joint’s burgers to taste yummy, the first and foremost thing that you’ll have to do is pick the right hamburger rolls Melbourne from the market. If you have been thinking that just the meat patty plays the vital role in making or breaking the taste of your burger, then you are seriously mistaken. The bun too plays an equally vital role.

When choosing burger buns, try to avoid the potato bread, brioche or any other soft buns, as they have a spongy consistency, which attracts the moisture from the meat patty, instead of repelling it. So, you need to pick right buns. And always remember to choose buns or rolls from a reputed bakery only, which sells fresh buns and Souvlaki pita bread Melbourne.

Choose the meat wisely

There’s no doubt that fattier meat is juicer and sometimes they are the best choice for making burger. But still, most of the well-known chefs recommend choosing lean, ground beef. If you ask me personally, I would say you can use both of them, as long as you cook it properly.

  • For leaner patty (90% lean): If you purchase leaner beef patty, it will be really wise if rare cook it, keeping it dark red with some juice flowing. But, these juices will not make the bun way soggy. Instead, the burger will stay juicy and the bun dry.
  • For fattier patty (80-85% lean): And in case you have purchase fattier ground beef patty, then always medium cook it, approximately three minutes on each side. This will make the patty juicy, yet it won’t ruin the roll’s dry and toasty flavour.

If you follow these cooking techniques, you will keep the burger juicy without making the bun mushy at all.

Use fat as a barrier

You must be thinking, how is this possible? Well, it is certainly possible. To keep your juicy patty from ruining the bun’s crispness, you can easily use a layer of fat like mayo, butter, cheese or another fat-based condiment. A fat layer will protect the surface of the bread, preventing the patty’s juices from seeping in the bun making it soft and soggy.

So, these were some easy tricks that will help you keep your hamburger juicy and the bun/roll dry. Now, when you know the tricks, wait no more pick the right ingredients and follow the tips, and make the people visit your burger joint again and again.